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Passion, this is how Living restaurant in Vigo sums up its raison d'être. This is the only starter that moves this house and its creators, Yolanda Díez and Carlos Gea. Passion and sensitivity.

Living Restaurant in Vigo is passion and sensitivity

His way of expressing and sharing it is to offer a cosmopolitan and tasty gastronomic experience through the most autochthonous raw material, which creates evident landscapes for the taste that evoke the delicacies of the peninsula and its globetrotting inspiration.




Authentic works of art that conquer the diner. The space exudes an eclectic air that combines different styles, with an emphasis on retro, which makes it especially comfortable to enjoy the food. In the dining room, good treatment and affection for the diner are the main features.

Cocina Viva with a continuously evolving menu

A close market cuisine style, in which traditional Galician flavors are recognized and fused with national and international influences without abusing any trend but without missing any gastronomic style.




Its large and varied cellar houses a selection of quality wines, some from unusual places. Again, all with a common link: passion.




  • Address: C/ Zamora nº 81, Vigo, Pontevedra
  • Phone: 986 247 859 - Reserve a Table
  • Info:


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