Curiosity, calling, passion, love, family, life experiences… They are all concepts deeply rooted into the milestones of my life story. A story that began to be written in Venezuela and then changed its setting, for a time, to Galicia; first, a chapter in A Coruña and, later on, another chapter in Vigo. I was fourteen years old when I treaded for the first time upon the streets of the so-called ciudad olívica, and already behind me there were two continents, two countries and three cities. Five years after exploring every nook and cranny of the city I now call –again— my home, I moved to Düsseldorf, packing nothing but little me and my huge appetite for discovery. And there, the paragraphs narrating my story go from light to bold, burning with more intensity.

The memory of my stay in Germany brings forth to the present a comforting feeling of freedom. My very skin proclaimed it every day with its tattoo of the Turkish word özgürlük, which means “liberty” and signifies, for me, an empowering scream that takes me back to that time.

At some point of my past at the German city, ridden by uncertainty, I eventually found the impulse spelling the origin of prishomes. I turned out to be one of the people Trivago selected to invigorate a then-nascent fellowship of travellers. It was 2005, the year the company was founded. At that time, a team of five interns was in charge of laying the foundation of the ground-breaking search portal. As part of a proposal from the owners to improve the conditions of that tiny seed group of employees, Trivago offered us a small percentage of the company, which opened the door for me to start this current project.

My chapter in Düsseldorf was an exciting stop along the way. A wealth of new people, life experiences and new awakenings, such as that of motherhood. Abril, my first child, was born in 2012 and, unknowingly, she got the ball rolling for the project of prishomes. That was so because that very year I acquired the first of the dwellings making up the home ensemble of the group: The House of el Castro. Four years later, A Factoría would follow suit. It was at that time that I felt the urge to return to Galicia, where Lucas, my second child, would be born in 2017. We first landed in Santiago de Compostela, and later on, the arrival of the Olivo apartment in 2020 made Vigo into that home where I painstakingly embroider life experiences for you and from where I share my happiness with the world.

I would like to invite you discover the soul of each of these homes, which I have carefully arranged for you to experience a transforming stay.

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